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I am looking for your voice [Tomorrow everyone!

"Future you able to challenge many things to have a dream." Kato Ryohei-san (gymnastics)

"Japanese national to play an active part to the world is more and more!!" Shirai Kenzo-san(gymnastics)

"Future connecting the smile in the power of sports!!" Hiraiwa Yuna-san (gymnastics)

"The future of the people all to be happy in the sport!!" Sasada Natsumi-san (gymnastics)

2020, do you want to make any future in the wake of the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic? Please let your voice!
Is being recruited until August 31!


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team japan

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Team Japan for Worlds 2014


Team Japan is determined

Kohei Uchimura
Shogo Nonomura
Ryohei Kato
Kenzo Shirai
Kohei Kameyama
Yusuke Tanaka

Natsumi Sasada
Asuka Teramoto
Wakana Inoue
Mai Murakami
Yu Minobe
Yuna Hiraiwa

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